Training/Program Design

One of the key ingredients to improving your health and physique, is good old fashioned hard work. The other BIG ingredient, is

Danny McLarty

some smart planning. That’s where I come in. You bring the sweat, and I’ll provide the thinking. Whether you are looking to lose fat, gain muscle, improve athletic performance, or decrease your chance of injury, I’m here to provide you with a program that will help get you there.

How Much? $150 per 4-Week Training Block

The cost of hiring a trainer at your local gym can cost in the neighborhood of $100 per session. On-line coaching/consultation is a fraction of that! And more important, are you even sure the trainer is giving you an individualized program? What you are paying for? Making a program for YOUR needs and YOUR goals is what it should be all about! That’s what I’m here to do…

What I need from you:

-Fill out a detailed questionnaire, letting me know how you currently train, your medical/injury history, equipment available, how many days per week you can commit to training, and last but NOT least, YOUR goals!

What you will get from me:

-4 weeks of programming that include flexibility (dynamic and static stretching), soft tissue work, strength training, conditioning, and basic nutritional support.
-video/picture support helping to explain proper technique of some of the exercises you are not familiar with
-access to my personal e-mail account to help answer questions

As you can see, you’ll have all your bases covered. Together, we CAN achieve your health and physique goals.

For more information on program design, contact Danny.


Basketball Lessons: (1-on-1 and/or small groups)

I’ve been a huge student of the game for years now.  I’ve never claimed to be the smartest person on the block.  But one thing that I do give myself credit for, is the fact that I am constantly watching and learning; what did he do in this particular situation that worked?  The way she changes speed with the ball has her defender constantly off balance.  His ability to create space off the dribble is unreal.  I take this observation, practice it, add my own personal twist to it, and then take it to the court to see how it works against live defenders.  From there, I make mental notes, head back to the “lab,” and refine it. After spending countless hours doing this, I’ve developed a template that works, for EVERYONE!  Of course, I individualize it to meet the player’s needs, address the weaknesses, and further develop the strengths.

For more information on basketball lessons, contact Danny.

Guest Speaking

I’ve been the guest speaker at a number of basketball camps over the last 15 years.   The topics usually include, but are not limited to;

-Overcoming the odds.  I had many, many people doubt that I could succeed in this game at my height.  I had a dream to get a scholarship in basketball at the college level.  Had I listened to the naysaysers, I never would have achieved it.  But their doubts helped fuel me to work even harder, and prove them wrong.

-Give a dribbling display and take the players through a step-by-step approach that helped me improve my dribbling skills, starting from a young age, all the way through my playing days in college.

-How to make efficient use of your time to become a better player.  More is NOT always better!

For more information to get Danny as a guest speaker, contact Danny.