This is a page dedicated to all things basketball.  I’ll provide video demonstrations showing you ways to improve your

Danny McLarty Giving Instructions at a Basketball Clinic

dribbling skills and your ability to create space off the dribble.  You’ll get tips to improve your strength, stability, and mobility.  And you can’t become a better player if you are on the sideline with an injury.  So look forward to information that will help keep you healthy all season long.  Basically, this is the spot  to come to help you improve all facets of your game.  You’ll also get quite a bit of information regarding off-season training for basketball players. (Hint: countless hours of 5-on-5 pick-up games is not the route to go)

I’ll be updating all of this basketball information under the category, basketball.

We’ll also have a little fun as I’ll provide my thoughts regarding the happenings around the NBA, NCAA, and high school basketball.

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“I’ve been coaching for thirty years and Danny McLarty is the toughest player I have ever coached. His dedication was second to none. He was either shooting baskets or in the weight room all the time. He was trying always to outwork his opponents.

He had great vision on the court and got to the rim whenever he wanted to. Danny separated himself from others by his toughness, his work ethic, and his drive to be the best.”

Coach Jay Bryant
Danny’s High School coach

“In fifteen years of coaching basketball, I have been very blessed to have coached a number of outstanding point guards – Danny McLarty was the best. I have coached a number of talented players who were also great leaders – Danny McLarty was the best. I have coached a number of young people who I would want to coach and mentor my sons – Danny McLarty would be my #1 choice.”

Frank Haney

Danny’s Assistant Basketball coach at Rock Valley Junior College

“I have been involved in coaching for over 25 years and can honestly say Danny McLarty was one of the most coachable young men I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His two year Junior College career in my program was steeped in leadership, dedication, industriousness, and a positive mental attitude at all times. He was as intense a competitor as I have ever seen. Evidence of this can be found in the fact the he was voted MVP of our league after he led us to the conference title. Danny was the league’s best floor general, passer, ball-handler, and on the ball defender despite standing only five- feet seven inches tall. His heart was twice the size of his body. In today’s individualistic exhibition of basketball that is often times displayed, I have a great appreciation for Danny’s unique unselfishness towards a total team commitment. He was the vehicle that drove us to succeed.
If you are looking for a person to trust, in the development of character and skill with young boys and girls, look no further than Danny McLarty. I am completely confident he will strive to instill productive principles and values, and provide a positive example to those under his supervision. He is simply put – a winner!

Sincerely speaking,”

Carl Armato
Head Basketball Coach Rock Valley College (1989-2001)
Assistant Basketball Coach Northern Illinois University (2001-2008)

“My son has been receiving basketball lessons from Danny for two years now. We could not be happier with his coaching. He has so many positive things going for him I hardly know where to start. First of all, I’d say he is a young man who I feel so happy to have mentoring our son – he is a wonderful role-model, a person of high integrity and sincerity. He constantly teaches life lessons as well as the sport. He knows the game and is able to teach very effectively. He is especially gifted at teaching skills: ball handling, shooting, passing, body positioning, change of speed, change of direction… He can talk it through, and execute examples. He can and does motivate our son to give 110% every time he works with him. Danny is completely dependable; he’s a good communicator not just in working with our son but in terms of logistics with us as well. My only hesitance in giving you this recommendation is that I selfishly wouldn’t want him to become overloaded. We feel like we have found the diamond in the ruff and don’t want to lose him. As far as I can see, I hope he can work with Joey until he goes off to college.”

Sharon Chipman (mother of Joey Chipman, age 13)