Quick Snack + The Exercise of the Week

February 8, 2013 by danny · 2 Comments 

Here is a quick blogpost for you to start implementing right away…

Quick, Healthy, Tasty Snack

This is a snack that my babies and I just shared together (really).  Greek Yogurt + Protein Powder + Blueberries

My clients often say to me, “yeah, I know all the foods on the food list that you gave me, but what can I snack on if I get hungry between meals and/or only have a minute or two to prepare something?”

Good question, and here is what you do…

-Buy some FULL fat PLAIN greek yogurt (HERE is why I suggest FULL Fat yogurt).

-Buy some blueberries

-Get some high quality protein powder.  For taste and quality, my 1st choice can be found HERE.

Personally, I like to add a little vanilla AND chocolate protein powder in together because I’m crazy like that.

NOTES: I prefer to get PLAIN yogurt b/c there are NOT any “extras” or “fillers” in the ingredients.  If you get blueberry yogurt (for example), you’ll see that they always do more than just add in blueberries.  Next time you are shopping for yogurt, check out how many more ingredients are in “fruit yogurt” compared to plain yogurt.  Now, I think plain yogurt tastes like poop (or something like that), hence the reason I add the protein powder and berries in.

Exercise of the Week

Goblet Bulgarian Split Squats

I’m rarely in commercial gyms anymore (thank goodness!).  But over the years I’ve lifted 100,386 times in the walls of commercial gyms (give or take).  And I don’t know if I’ve ever seen this exercise performed.  Maybe it’s too hard (probably).  Or maybe people just don’t know of it.  Either way, here is me shooting a video with Marci back when I was still living in California.  Add these!  Your quads and glutes will love/hate you for it. ;)

Have a great weekend!