More Videos, Pictures, and Thoughts from Inside MVP Training…

April 7, 2014 by danny · 1 Comment 

Here’s another quick update from inside MVP Training

In case you missed my post on Facebook (add me on FB if we’re not already friends as I put a lot of training, nutrition, and basketball posts there, throughout the week), I filmed the new Move of the Month for March… “The Kevin Durant” …

Me hip thrusting 425 pounds…

345 pounds is still the female hip thrust record at my gym.  But there are some other females closing ground!  We’ll see what the numbers bring over the spring/summer.

This video is at my previous facility…

I love training people (and myself) at the new (not so-new anymore) facility.  But up until this past Saturday, I haven’t been able to enjoy one of the features that I’ve been really looking forward to using.  And that’s rolling up the BIG garage door to really open up the place.  It was great to finally do this!  You can see Drew off to the left (see the orange med ball?) getting ready to perform some explosive medicine ball “stomps.”

Hopefully the weather continues to cooperate so that the door will be open more and more…

MVP Training "opened up"

Finally, tonight is the finals of the NCAA tourney.  If Kentucky ends up winning it all, I don’t know if you’d call it the most impressive run in the history of the tournament.?.  Or the best run.  Or that they are the best team ever.  But they are on the most exciting run ever.  I can’t believe the finishes of their games!!!  Each one has been a thriller, and I’m not even a UK fan.  I can’t even imagine the roller coaster that Kentucky fans have been going through during these games!?!  I’m sure my boy Jeff Rinaldi has already suffered about 8 near heart attacks! Hopefully tonight’s game will be just as exciting!

BIG shot after BIG shot!

Who do you think is going to pull it out?


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One Response to “More Videos, Pictures, and Thoughts from Inside MVP Training…”
  1. Jeff Rinaldi says:

    That is why we call these guys the Cardiac Cats, Danny. I watch every UK game and let me tell you (and I speak for most UK fans) that none of us expected this run especially after the beat down lowly South Carolina gave us a couple of months ago. However, this team peaked at the right time and to think we are making this run without Willie Cauley Stein (probable 1st round draft pick) is pretty amazing. One more W and the 9th championship is secured. I respect what Uconn has done also but I think they are meeting the team of destiny tonight.

    PS- I was lucky enough to be at the Elite 8 game vs Michigan and see Aaron Harrison aka “ONIONS” knock down that 3 sending Big Blue Nation into craziness.

    Prediction (Biased of course) for tonight: James Young goes bananas. Cats win by 8. I start looting in my neighborhood esp with it being a pro Louisville Cardinal area. Go Cats!

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