More Videos, Pictures, and Thoughts from Inside MVP Training…

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Here’s another quick update from inside MVP Training

In case you missed my post on Facebook (add me on FB if we’re not already friends as I put a lot of training, nutrition, and basketball posts there, throughout the week), I filmed the new Move of the Month for March… “The Kevin Durant” …

Me hip thrusting 425 pounds…

345 pounds is still the female hip thrust record at my gym.  But there are some other females closing ground!  We’ll see what the numbers bring over the spring/summer.

This video is at my previous facility…

I love training people (and myself) at the new (not so-new anymore) facility.  But up until this past Saturday, I haven’t been able to enjoy one of the features that I’ve been really looking forward to using.  And that’s rolling up the BIG garage door to really open up the place.  It was great to finally do this!  You can see Drew off to the left (see the orange med ball?) getting ready to perform some explosive medicine ball “stomps.”

Hopefully the weather continues to cooperate so that the door will be open more and more…

MVP Training "opened up"

Finally, tonight is the finals of the NCAA tourney.  If Kentucky ends up winning it all, I don’t know if you’d call it the most impressive run in the history of the tournament.?.  Or the best run.  Or that they are the best team ever.  But they are on the most exciting run ever.  I can’t believe the finishes of their games!!!  Each one has been a thriller, and I’m not even a UK fan.  I can’t even imagine the roller coaster that Kentucky fans have been going through during these games!?!  I’m sure my boy Jeff Rinaldi has already suffered about 8 near heart attacks! Hopefully tonight’s game will be just as exciting!

BIG shot after BIG shot!

Who do you think is going to pull it out?


March Madness Predictions From My Resident NCAA Hoops Expert…

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I’m going to make this one short and sweet.  My good friend, Jeff Rinaldi, who has contributed to many roundtables (MLB, college basketball multiple times, NFL, NBA) on over the years, is back for more today.  So let’s get right to the questions…

The best tournament of them all!

Danny: Give us two teams that you think have the best chance of being this years Cinderella Story.

Jeff: As always the bracket is brutal again.  After over studying it like I always do, two teams stick out to me as potential Cinderellas at the price of two Big-10 teams.  I actually like New Mexico St. to knock out Indiana in the 1st round and also like Ohio to sting Michigan as well as either or Temple or the winner of the 12/12 game in that region.  I think Ohio may get to the sweet 16.

Danny: Which #2 seed will be the first to lose?

Jeff: I definitely think Duke is the weakest #2 seed.  They will get by Lehigh but could struggle against Xavier or Notre Dame. Even if they get to the sweet 16 I think they lose to Baylor.   They  are going down early this year.

Danny: Jeff, since you are Kentucky graduate, of course you are going to pick UK (and it doesn’t hurt that they are loaded).  So, if you couldn’t pick Kentucky, who would you go with to cut down the nets this year?

Jeff: Of course I am picking my Kentucky Wildcats to win it all.  However, I think Mizzou is very dangerous and would pick them to cut the nets down if it wasn’t for the Cats.  Mizzou scares me and should scare everyone else in the field except Kentucky of course.

Danny: Man Jeff, we are on the same page there – I love Mizzou’s guard play and also think they are a dangerous team.  I’m hoping my Tarheels step up and take it all!

Thanks again Jeff!  I’m sure I’ll be getting a hold of you for your great insight down the line…

So, what do you think of Jeff’s predictions?  Who do you think will win it all this year?  Do you have any upset specials in mind?  Let us hear them in the comments section below.

Go Tarheels!!!

March Madness!

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I recently wrote up a “March Madness” article for FitStudio.  It’s all about the craziness that is March Madness and what it has meant to me over the years.  Check it out HERE.

Enjoy this weekend’s games!

Major League Baseball Predictions – 2011

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March Madness once again has been outstanding!  We have a couple days of downtown before the craziness starts back up, so I figured now would be a good time to post this.  My good buddy Jeff Rinaldi and I had been texting back and fourth about what to expect out of the Cubs this upcoming season.  In our “conversation” he told me that he has been doing his MLB homework.  I’ve been extra busy lately, but I decided we should at least get a “rapid fire” preview of this upcoming season.  So let’s get to it!

Danny McLarty: Thanks for coming back for another Q & A Jeff!  This time MLB 2011…

Jeff Rinaldi:  Danny, anything for the “Legend!”  I am leaving for spring training in Phoenix tomorrow. Can’t wait to see our Cubs.

DM: You know I have to do it – briefly let me know, do our Cubbies have any chance this year!?!

JR:  I think the Cubbies will be competitive as long as they stay healthy.  I don’t see them winning the Central though.  

DM: Let’s start in the NL.  Any surprise teams?

JR:  I actually like the Fish as a team to look out for.  The Marlins have good starting pitching with Johnson, Nolasco, Vasquez and Anibal Sanchez.  Combine those young buck hitters and I smell playoffs.  I think they take the Wild card.  Phillies too tough in the NL east.

DM: Who is winning each division, and who do you have as this year’s wild card team?

JR:  Phillies, Cardinals, Giants and Marlins in the NL.  

DM: Your NL Cy Young pick?

JR:  Roy “Doc” Halladay again.  Mark it down


JR:  I think Matt Holliday shocks some people and wins it.

DM: Onto the AL.  Surprise teams?

JR:  I think the Angels are going to be very good this year.  Weaver and Haren anchoring a good staff.  They disappointed last year and they know it.  They win the AL West.

DM: Cy Young?

JR:  I think Jered Weaver edges out Jon Lester to win it.  


JR:  Carl Crawford in his new uniform

DM: AL division winners and your wild card pick?

JR:  Red Sox, White Sox, Angels, and the Rangers with the Wild card.  Sorry Yankees.

DM: Do you have a breakout player or two, in either/both leagues that become household names this year?

JR:  How about Andrew McCutchen, Starlin Castro and Mike Stanton in the NL.  AL, I think Gordon Beckham rebounds from the soph slump this year

DM: The San Francisco Giants shocked the world last year.  Who do you have going to the ‘Series this year, and who takes home the trophy?

JR:  Not going out on a limb on this one.  Red Sox over Phillies.  Both teams are too good on paper.  

DM: Thanks again for another great contribution Jeff!  Any closing thoughts?

JR: Loved giving my predictions D.  Hopefully, they turnout better than my NFL picks.  One final note, I really think Zambrano is going to pitch very well for the Cubs this year.  He was dynamite in the 2nd half last season and I think he felt bad about his antics.  For the critics on Big Z, remember if Soriano or some other Cubs had half the passion Big Z did we’d be a better ball club.  Look for a big year from Z!

What do you all think?  Do you agree with Jeff’s picks?  Any players that will come up big this year and walk away with some of the hardware?  Have another team that you think may take it all this year… besides the obvious – Cubs! :)   Let us know what you think.

Q & A: Let the Madness Begin

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The moment all of us college basketball fans have been waiting for, is just a few days away.  The NCAA basketball tourney is my favorite event out of any sport, at any level.  It has it all – great athletes, buzzer beaters, Cinderella stories, cheerleaders, the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat.  What I have for you today, is an interview with my long-time buddy, Jeff Rinaldi.  Jeff and I used to bleed Carolina blue together back in high school.  Then he turned on me, and now bleeds a different shade of blue – Kentucky blue.  In all honesty, I don’t blame him.  He went on to attend the University of Kentucky, so I guess I can cut him some slack. :)

Back in high school a few of us used to do mock-interviews with the video camera rolling.  And let me tell you, an interview with Mr. Rinaldi is the best.  His answers were well thought out, intelligent, and best of all, hilarious!   Fifteen years later, and once again, Jeff didn’t disappoint!

DM: We go way back my friend.  I miss “jam ball” out in the driveway, as well as our basketball conversations, especially during this time of  year.  So I’m really looking forward to catching up.

Jeff Rinaldi: Danny, let me first say it is a privilege to share my thoughts/picks for the 2010 NCAA tourney.  We do go way back and I am glad to offer my thoughts on the bracket this year.  Anything for the McLartys!  An absolute gem of a family who possess some of the best basketball minds this side of the country!

DM:  (I told you he does a great interview. :) )  I’ve won a few of these March Madness pools over the years, but I’ll be honest with you, I’m way behind on college basketball this year.  So I thought it would be best to defer to you for advice as I know you’re passionate about your college hoops.  If I have any chance of winning a pool this year, (winning = for entertainment purposes only) it will be from complete luck, and/or the advice you are about to give me and my readers.  So, are your ready to get to it? 

JR:  I am pumped (as always) for the NCAA tourney..even more so with my UK Wildcats looking ferocious.  Not to sound too confident but this year’s bracket seems a bit more straightforward than past years.  I agree with Jay Bilas on the field being weaker although I won’t over-emphasize it like he does.  Nevertheless, we can expect some surprises in this tournament like every year, ala Cleveland State’s magic last year.  

DM: Every year it seems like at LEAST one #12 seed upsets a #5.  Does it look like that is going to happen again this year? 

JR:  Yes D.  You can count on it.  I will put my money were my mouth is and let everyone know that UTEP is going to beat Vanderbilt.  Vandy seems to lack a little confidence coming into the NCAA.  Derrick Character of UTEP is finally showing what he is capable of after leaving the Louisville program. Can’t blame him on that either.  UTEP is a dangerous team. Period.

DM:  Any #2 or #3 seeds going down in round one this year?

 JR:  I really don’t see any #2 or #3 seeds going down this year but I will give you two more lock upsets besides the UTEP two-step.  Siena over a confused Purdue team.  And Steve Fisher and San Diego State will shock the dirty Vols from Tennessee to advance.  Although I don’t have the guts to pick the upset, New Mexico could be vulnerable in that 1st round vs Montana.

DM: Which team is going to be this year’s Cinderella story?

JR: Thankfully, I don’t see a George Mason this year.  I tend to like powerhouses in the Final 4.  However, as mentioned earlier, I feel UTEP has what it takes to get to the Sweet 16.  Chicago’s own Tim Hardaway will be thrilled!  I also think Marquette is HOT and has the ingredients to surprise.  Another Chicago guy, Dwayne Wade will be “jumpin’ for joy,” as Dicky V would say.  For the record, I don’t care much for the VBDI (Vitale Bald Dome Index) he references.

DM: Alright, lets get to the questions that everyone is waiting for.  Give the reader’s your Final Four…

JR:  I can confidently say Kansas, Kentucky, Villanova and Syracuse in the Final 4.  Just so the readers know, I usually pull a #4 or #5 seed out to make the final 4 but I just don’t see it happening this year.  I love Georgetown but can’t see them getting past Kansas.  

DM: Who is going to play in the championship game?  And which team is cutting down the nets?

JR: Although a bit biased, no one can argue that Kentucky is full of talent.  I really believe we will cut the nets down this year despite our youth.  We all know about Patterson, Wall, and Cousins, who command respect.  However, watch out for Eric Bledsoe.  This kid is dynamite in a bottle and is crucial to UK’s success.  So, Kentucky over Kansas for the 2010 championship.

DM: With all that said, the winner of most office pools will probably go to the lady that picks her teams based on her favorite uniforms.  That’s the way it seems to work out quite often.  Well, except for the years that I walked away the title! ;)

JR:  I understand Danny.  When Betty from accounting takes the office pool it can really be discouraging.  I like to think I take time to break down each game…really put some thought into it.  Then our gutless wonder Betty comes along and picks teams based on a state she likes and wins the dinero.  Hey Betty?!  I have been watching games all year while you have been knitting and reading. I despise Betty and her endless string of luck.  Hope she has a bad lunch.

DM:  Wow!  Let me take a moment to compose myself while I wipe these tears from my face.  Ok, I’m no longer dying from laughter… thanks for taking time for this Jeff.  I really appreciate it, and I know the readers do as well!

JR:  My pleasure.  I hope everyone reading really considers these upsets. However, I will not take blame if they don’t come through.  Nothing is better than the NCAA tourney though.  Everyone enjoy it because we deserve it.  Go Cats!

Anyone out there have any upset specials that you think Jeff left out?  How about a surprise champion?  Let us know in the comments section below.